wsSecure Application Monitor

    Download for Windows XP/Vista

A free realtime Application Monitor with signature verification for Windows.

  • Monitors the system for new programs in realtime.
  • Alerts the user when trusted programs are modified.
  • Watches the registry startup sections and the startup folder *
  • Helps in detecting all kinds of spyware and trojans.
  • Lightweight on the system unlike other antivirus/antispyware programs.
No antivirus/antispyware program offers complete protection for a computer because antivirus programs use signatures to match them with the signatures of the running programs, new viruses and spyware are therefore not detected by these programs. It is possible to test this by making a program that deletes all mp3 files on the drive recursively and running it with all the antivirus protections enabled.

However, wsSecure will detect and alert whenever a new program runs, so the advanced user can choose what to trust and what not to trust. wsSecure will no more alert if the same program runs. It will once again alert if the program is modified.

* wsSecure Registry Startup Monitor detects any change in the startup folder and startup sections of the registry. Whenever a new startup program is detected, the user is shown a dialog through which the startup programs can be removed with a click.

Users are requested to trust all executables through the Advanced controls option after installing wssecure on a clean system. Users running Windows XP SP2 can download the default signatures from the program. However, there can be false positives, so trusting all the system executables of a clean system is the preferred method.

Note that wsSecure must be installed on a fresh installation of Windows, free from viruses and spyware.

Please read the help section inside the program carefully for operation instructions. Download the latest beta (Registry Startup Monitor integrated)

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